Twenty Million Adults in the U.S. Care for Elderly Parents

A generation of caregivers

This article by Darran Simon in the Miami Herald goes on to state:

"About 80 percent of long-term care is given at home by a family member, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance."

As well it should be!


The new caregiver role is forcing some adults to move closer to their parents.

I wish we had never moved so far away from our parents to begin with! Mr. Latin has the right attitude:

''It's something I didn't think twice about,'' said Otis J. Latin Sr., who recently resigned after nine years as Fort Lauderdale fire chief to return to Texas to care for his mother, Effie Williams, 78, who has Alzheimer's disease.

Latin, 58, took a job as director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Austin. This summer, he and his wife, Gloria, plan to move Williams into the home they are building in Austin. ''My mother has sacrificed for me all my life,'' he said.



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